Modern truck wash

Our truck wash is equipped with a large automatic gate that can handle even the largest specialized vehicles. Soft brushes do not damage or scratch the body. They are regularly replaced to ensure accurate and safe washing.

Precise hand washing

Our workers thoroughly hand wash all spots that are impossible to reach by the automatic wash. Our highly specialised detergents are very effective in cleaning and protecting the surface at the same time.

Cabin ozonation

Ozone effectively destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses. It also removes unpleasant odors – even the most persistent ones. Our ozonator evenly distributes ozone throughout the driver’s cabin disinfecting it, limiting the possibility of spreading diseases and germs.

Regeneration of fuel tanks

We offer a professional fuel tank regeneration service. Get rid of dirt and traces of corrosion. With specialized cleaning chemicals we will restore the original look of your fuel tanks.

Disinfection of the trailer internal surface

At the Dallas Truck Wash we thoroughly disinfect the loading surface for transport that requires the highest standards of cleanliness. With professional equipment and high quality cleaning chemicals we provide the highest level of service.

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